Wounds That Heal

Cheryl Johnston


Broken trust and broken dreams
Crash down when marriage ends
Hopelessness - the future seems
So bleak, love lost, bough bends.

Pain so great, hurt so deep...
Can't understand the "Why?"
Searching self and heart - No sleep
Gives peace to teary eye.

Children crying, torn apart
The home adrift and lost.
What can mend that broken heart?
What will be the cost -

Of peace dissolved and music dead,
Of sorrow replacing joy?
Where once was laughter, now instead,
Minds' defenses employ.

But He has promised, "Trust in Me"
The lover of our soul.
Give ears to hear and eyes to see
The One who makes us whole.

The reason may be hidden now,
His plan to yet unfold.
Searching self and asking "How?
Can I love again? Be bold?"

In desperation, choose to trust
And wait for guiding Hand.
Eyes can't see, but know He's just.
God's Rock will help you stand.

And down the road, you'll look ahead,
The truth will be so clear.
"Ask, seek, and knock" our Jesus said-
His voice now yours to hear.

His plans and ways so very high
Will we ever comprehend?
The love of God, His only Son,
To a dying world did send.

Sometimes life appears as death
Without knowledge of the Word.
But He, who gives us every breath,
Is Creator, King and Lord.


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