Dealing With Our Troubles

Theme: Handling trouble before trouble handles us.


Introductory Remarks

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we always felt as though we were always on "top of the world?" That we would always be in a positive mood, with circumstances involving us always to our liking. That people would always treat us with the respect we feel is due us, and give us all the affirmation and love that we desire and need.

This sounds good when we let our thoughts dwell on it, but all of us know from our own personal experiences in everyday living that life doesn't come to us neatly packaged like that. Life does have its days of sunshine filled with laughter and expectancy. But it also has its days of storms that are filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Storms filled with the fierce winds of conflict, challenge, and change. Storms that bring troubles into our life that we must learn to deal with before they shipwreck us on the sea of life.

Today/tonight, I want to share with you some practical biblical truths that will help us weather the storm of trouble when it blows into our life. I've labeled this teaching " How to Deal With Trouble." It's based on an incident in the life of the Apostle Paul that's recorded in the twentieth seventh chapter of the book of Acts. It's the story of Paul's encounter with a storm on the Mediterranean Sea on his way to Rome as a prisoner to be tried before Caesar. From this incident, I believe we can learn how to stay calm and maintain our confidence and courage when we are encountering storms (troubles) in our life no matter how fierce they may be.