Our  words are like a window to the heart .

There's another overworked word that we've added to our speech that we need to give our attention to. It's the word, "okay."  with a question mark added to the end of it. Let me illustrate what I mean. Some time ago, my wife and I joined a bus tour going to Branson, Missouri. Before disembarking from the bus at the music theaters, a guide came on board to explain what we are to do. Our guide, at this particular theatre was a young college age girl and her instructions to us went something like this: "Tonight I'm to act as your guide and my name is Julie. Okay? We're going to exit the bus and enter the theatre through the doors marked tour buses. Okay? The  show lasts about two hours. Okay? The theatre seats two thousand people and all seats have a good view of the stage. Okay? When the performance is over, please return to this parking area to board the bus for your return trip back to the hotel. Okay?" The young lady meant to be friendly to us, and she was, but she seemed unable to make a statement without adding a one word question at the end of it. She seemed to need our okay to affirm what she said was right. The truth is, her name was Julie whether we thought it was okay or not. The performance was two hours in length whether we thought it was okay or not and the theatre seated two thousand people whether we thought it was okay or not. This was all true without our approval. Her constant use of the word, okay, detracted greatly from what she said.

Words are meant to communicate.

Words are meant to communicate, but much of our conversations are filled with words and phrases that subtract rather than add to what we're saying. Our words are one of the ways we reach out and touch others. With our speech we touch other people's ears. It can be a negative or positive experience for them. It has been said, our conversation can be a caress or a fingernail dragging over a blackboard. Which of these would our conversation be identified with?

The Apostle Paul gives some good advice concerning the words we use. In Colossians 4:6 he writes, "Let your speech always be gracious and so well reasoned out that you will know how to reply to each individual." (Modern Language) Let us be a person committed to saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Let's clean up our conversation so it becomes profitable to those listening to us. Let's communicate in a way that others do know what we're saying.


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