By Peggy Norton

After having sat in the living room in the dark, pondering life's choices and the results of them, having sighed and wondered before the Lord all the proverbial what "Ifs", I came back to the simple truth and reality...Only Jesus can satisfy the longing of my soul. The longing for fulfillment, the longing for purpose, the longing for acceptance, the longing for vision, and the longing for love.

Life happens. Sometimes it happens to you and sometimes it happens with you. Only Jesus can make the difference as you live it. This isn't gloom and the blues speaking, it's a declaration out of sobriety of spirit. The end all, be all of it is that only Jesus can satisfy the heart. Only partaking of him, communing with him, meditating on him, learning of him, being washed by him, drinking in his presence, his counsel, his corrections, his life, brings... life.

If we ever find ourselves languishing, it is because we are not abiding in Jesus. Oh sure, we're still saved, just out of focus. But like the flower that seeks out the sun so that it can bloom where it's planted, we too must seek the face of the Son so we can blossom into his likeness.

As hard as we may try in our foolishness to create a sense of having value, only Jesus gives us worth. Only Jesus can make the past bearable. Only Jesus can completely eliminate the "What Ifs". Only Jesus can make all things work together for good; the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.

Victories stink when held up as personal trophies, they rob you of the ability to pursue what only Jesus wants. Defeats often lamented bring nothing but bitterness and lack of faith. Exuberant zeal apart from the guidance of the Holy Spirit brings a bunch of hot air. Only Jesus can take all these and bring abundance of life, joy and deep gratitude of heart.

So what am I saying?...You guessed it...JESUS...

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