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Name Above Every Name, Pastor Bill

Name of Jesus, Pastor Bruce Garner

Be My Witnesses, Pastor Bill

Our Inheritance, Pastor Bill


New Sermons
Seven Laws of the Harvest
Learning to Love
God's Promises and You  
God's Promises-His Faithfulness
How To Receive Promises
Praying About Problems
Coping With Guilt 

Pastor's Sermons
God's Eagle Christians
Spiritual Warfare
Pulling Down Strongholds
Try a Little Kindness
Singing Hearts and Dancing Feet
Triumph Over Temptations
Anointed to Serve
Marks of a Mature Person
Love That Lasts
Growing Through Adversity
Lesson of the Loaves
Tools God Uses to Teach Us
Characteristics of Biblical Christianity
Establishing the Christian Home

Dealing With Our Troubles
Dealing With Anger
Is This Really God's Will?
Delays Are God's Plan
Fasting Successfully
A Trip to the Potter's House
Detours, Dead Ends and Dry Holes
Dealing With Depression
The Blood of Jesus
How to Win Over Worry
The Christ of Prophecy
Dealing With Hurts
How God Uses Our Pain
My Heavenly Father Watches


Pastor's Sermons

Mastering The Thought Life, 1
Mastering the Thought Life, 2
Hurts of Life
Principles of Peace of Mind
Principles of Forgiveness

Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 1
Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 2
Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 3
Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 4
The Value of Family
A Study of Psalm 23
Learning the Ways of God - Part 1
Let God Arise
Running for the Prize
Enjoying The Journey
Satan's Battle Strategy, part 1
Satan's Battle Strategy, part 2
Praying Effectively, part 1
Praying Effectively, part 2
Praying Effectively, part 3
How God Builds Our Faith
Failure is Not Fatal
Releasing Regrets
Deliverance from Evil
Leaving From the Promises
Living With Purpose
The Spirit Empowered Church
Water and Oil
On the Jericho Road
Soaring Like Eagles
Prodigal and Elder Son
Don't Miss Christmas
Soil of Grace
The Word of God