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  Impossible Situations  Unknown Teacher   John Wesley's Formula
   Yielded Instruments   Revival   A Genuine Passport
 A Garden is a Poem   Winning With Patience   Give Our Best

Enjoying the Journey

  Dump the Garbage   Fire, Fire, Fire!
 Front Porch  Discretion   The Butterfly Lesson
Detours and Delays   Accentuate the Positive   Misled by a Miracle
  The Word   Savor the Flavor   Self Control
 The Power of Words   The Story/the Song   The Magpie
  Joy of the Future   Angels in Classroom   Prayer Power
  Incredible Journey   A Parent's Prayer   Heart of a Child
  Greatest Event   Push  Wounds that Heal
  Tie A Knot   An Awesome God   Miracles Happen
  God is Love   Morning Praise   Imagine
  When Does God Sleep   Soil of Grace   Tiny Can Be Mighty
  Deliverance From Fear   Faith of a Child  Listening
  Between a Rock  Wings of an Eagle   Know-Believe
Living in Victory   Reach High Only Jesus

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