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  Impossible Situations  Unknown Teacher   John Wesley's Formula
   Faith of a Child   Revival   A Genuine Passport
  Wings of an Eagle   Winning With Patience   Give Our Best

Yielded Instruments

  Dump the Garbage   Fire, Fire, Fire!
  A Garden is a Poem   The Power of  Words   The Butterfly Lesson
  Listening   Accentuate the Positive   Misled by a Miracle
  The Word   Savor the Flavor   Self Control
  Discretion   The Story/the Song   The Magpie
  Joy of the Future   Angels in Classroom   Prayer Power
  Incredible Journey   A Parent's Prayer   Heart of a Child
  Greatest Event   Push  Wounds that Heal
  Tie A Knot   An Awesome God   Miracles Happen
  God is Love   Morning Praise   Imagine
  When Does God Sleep   Soil of Grace   Tiny Can Be Mighty
  Deliverance From Fear   Enjoying the Journey   Detours and Delays
  Between a Rock    Front Porch   Know-Believe
Living in Victory   Reach High Only Jesus

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