AKA: No Pain--No Gain


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No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory;
no cross, no crown.----William Penn


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It only requires a visit to the local pharmacy to remind us that we live in a pain conscious society. Display shelves are filled with a wide variety of products that promise to relieve or reduce the pains in our body from our head to our feet. Prescription drugs for alleviating pain has now become a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing. 

Pain is included with the package of life.

Our human nature automatically shies away from physical stress, mental anguish and emotional conflict brought on by pain. We would like to be isolated and insulated from it all, but that isn't the way life works. Experiencing physical, mental and emotional pain has become a part of everyday life. As a matter of fact, it is part of the normal human experience around the world. No one is exempted. It's a part of being human, and as long as we're in this earthy body, each of us will have to deal with the problem of pain coming into our life. Pain comes included with the package of life.

When we    bump our heads, cut ourselves, sprain our ankle, or suffer some other kind of injury of this nature, we experience a pain that is of a short duration. We don't get overly concerned with this kind of pain because we know it will eventually go away with time. But sometimes we encounter pain that we don't know its source. It can be physical or emotional pain. With this kind of pain, we do get concerned. When pain of this type comes into our life, there are two things important for us to understand about it that will help us in dealing with it. 


Sometimes the source of  pain is unknown

(a) Pain comes as a warning signal telling us that something is definitely wrong in our life. It's a symptom alerting us to what could be a serious problem. It's calling our attention to it so we can take measures to do something about it.

(b) When pain comes, oft times God will use it as a means to work his purposes into our life. Sometimes, God takes something that is bad (such as pain) and turns it around and uses it for our good.

Here are four ways that God uses our pain to work good into our life.

The  pains of hunger goaded the prodigal to home.

1.  God uses pain to goad  us. (to goad)  - to motivate; to spur into action.
Pain will spur us into action quicker than anything else will. Making a dental appointment is a good example of this. Many   people have a fear of going to the dentist so they put off going as long as they can.
But when their toothache pain gets greater than their fear, then they move into action and go to the dentist.                                                                                               

Proverbs 20: 30, (GNV) "Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change."

Pain will force us to make changes, even when we don't want to change. Pain brings us to the place where we're ready to change. The prodigal son of  Luke 15: 14 -18 (GN) is an example of this. The prodigal son had "spent everything he had....and was hungry....at last he came to his senses and said..."I'll get up and go to my father..." The pains of hunger finally goaded him into action. God works even in our pains to stir us up, to motivate us to make the necessary changes in our life. The truth is, we'd rarely make changes if we didn't have any pain in our life.