Morning Praise



The Holy Spirit wakens me
To start a fresh, new day.
He gives me clear eyes to see
And teaches me to pray.

With joy I rise at early light
To bow and kneel in prayer.
He hears my pleas; He sees my heart,
And ever meets me there.

How I love the morning time
And dawning of the chance,
To once again await a sign
Of His blessed circumstance.

For opportunity to share His love,
Or lend a helping hand.
As God and angels up above
Teach another soul to stand.

For each day offers promise,
If I but willing be.
His covenant to keep and bless
Every soul I see.

He promises to guide me
If I search out His Way.
My heart's desire is but to be
A disciple in this day.

For clear eyes I will thank Him,
And ask for His pure heart.
He longs to give me wish and whim,
And let me do my part -

Early in the morning,
I wake to His embrace.
His whispers break the dawning,
As I kneel to seek His face.

Give glory to my God and King
For love and treasures rare.
Lift His Name and praises sing.
Teach me, Lord, to share.

Helping one more soul to find You,
Or one more soul to heal.
Pointing one more soul, or two,
Or more - Your secrets to reveal.

As sunshine starts to trickle in
And send the dark away,
I thank my Jesus, who died for sin,
For showing me the Way.

Given by the Holy Spirit to Cheryl Johnston on March 27, 2002 (6 to 8 a.m.).

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