A great empire was brought down to the dust because the Tsar of Russia and his wife were misled by a miracle. Robert K. Massie in his great book, Nicholas and Alexandra, relates how a false prophet led the Tsar and the Empress astray.

The Tsar and the Empress of Russia had waited many years for an heir to the Russian throne. A son was finally born to them and their hopes were high. However, within six weeks the doctors discovered that the boy had hemophilia, an incurable blood disease. They were told that hemophilia could kill their son at a moments notice. So all of their son's life would have a shadow of death hanging over him. Because of this, the royal family was introduced to a very evil man who claimed to be a prophet of God.

On many occasions the young Tsarevich slipped close to the terror of death. He would writhe in excruciating pain for days at a time. His distraught parents would beg the doctors to do something. However, the doctors were helpless against this debilitating disease. During these moments of agony, they turned to a religious mystic by the name of Gregory Rasputin. Later this Gregory Rasputin became known as the mad monk of Russia. Each time that Gregory would pray for the boy there would be some improvement. History testified to these times of improvement that took place in the boy. The doctors would be left puzzled on how this could happen. The sad thing is that Rasputin would give warning to the Tsar and the Empress. He would threaten them and tell them that the boy would live as long as they listened to him and did whatever he told them to do.

Rasputin's power over the royal family became so great he could with only a word obtain appointment or dismissal of any government official. Rasputin had men appointed or dismissed on the basis of their attitudes toward himself rather than their abilities. Eventually, the whole Russian government teetered under the counsel of this evil man. The seeds of revolution were planted and watered with discontent. The discontentment resulted in the murder of the royal family and internal war which led to the communistic takeover. Alexander Kerensky , a top government official during those tragic times, later reflected back on the situation and said, "Without Rasputin, there could have been no Lenin."

Yes, miracles still happen. However, if we seek for miracles we could very easily be led astray. In the last days, the antichrist will be able to do miracles. Also,  Jesus tells in in Matt. 12:29, "An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign." Our Lord is saying that there are things far more meaningful than the spectacular. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is telling us how to live so that we will bear fruit and lay up treasures in  heaven. Jesus tells us that we shall know them by their fruit. Galatians 5:22-23; But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against such there is no law."

Yes, miracles do happen but beware of false prophets. Check out the fruit.



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