John Wesley's Formula


A farmer once went to hear John Wesley preach. The great leader was dealing with the question of money and was examining it under three main points.

His first point was. "Get all you can."

The farmer nudged his neighbor and said: "That man has got something in him; it is great preaching."

Wesley reached his second point, "Save all you can."

The farmer became quite excited. "Was there ever anything like this!" he said. The preacher denounced thriftlessness and waste, and the farmer rubbed his hand as he thought, all this have I been taught from my youth up. What with getting and hoarding, it seemed to him that "salvation" had come to his house.

But Wesley went on to his third point which was, "Give all you can."

"Oh, dear," exclaimed the farmer, "He's gone and spoiled it all!"

Getting without giving makes only stagnant pools of men and women.


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