Incredible Journey

A cat by the name of Skunky traveled two thousand miles in one and one-half years and ended up at his old home in Minneapolis. He came all the way from Alhambra, California. The story is told by Ralph Morie, who came to Alhambra with his wife and three children

He left Skunky, a black cat with white stripes, with his sister-in-law in Columbia Heights near Minneapolis. Mr. Morie's children put up a fuss so they had the cat shipped to Alhambra by air. Somehow, after a time span, Skunky disappeared. Skunky was gone for a year and a half. One day Mr. Morie receives a letter from the sister-in-law informing him that Skunky appeared at her door in Minneapolis; skinny and starved, but very much alive.

The Morie's have not the faintest idea how Skunky found his way back to Minneapolis. He came out to California by air so there were no landmarks to travel by. Somehow, Skunky found the way back to the old homestead that he loved.

We too, as Christians have a strong homing instinct placed in our innermost being. One day we will take a journey by air. We won't be hungry or worn out. We will have a new body. Home at last with the Heavenly Father and the saints of God. We are getting ready for an incredible journey.

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