Imagine a world without His Word;
Children without hope,
Soldiers without sword,
No Way to cope.

Downward spiraling humanity;
No cross at Calvary,
Captives bound, never free.
Where would this world be?

Sad and futile, lost, adrift,
Searching, struggling without end.
Soul broken and bereft,
Hearts torn that never mend.

BUT! Praise God our Father!
The Word was, and is, will be-
Bread and Living Water
For all eternity.

Souls at peace, hearts filled with love,
Growing closer to the One,
Who in majesty does reign above-
Who sent His Only Son.

All He asks is that we walk
Beside Him, His Word to know.
Through prayer and praise we talk
With Him - our Jesus who loves us so.

Cheryl Johnston
May 3, 2002


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