One great motivation for any shepherd-pastor is to have sheep who make it clear that they want to be taught the truth of God's Word. I am convinced that much of my growth as a pastor has been in direct proportion to the "snapping at my heels" of a flock of Word hungry sheep saying, "Feed me."

The sermons and teachings presented here are representative of the spiritual menu from the Word of God that were fed to those I pastored during  Sunday and Wednesday services. As you read the sermons, you will notice that they are simple in content, but that they were designed to inform the mind, stir the emotions, and challenge the will. They were meant to be spiritual in emphasis and practical in application. Their purpose is to produce spiritual growth and maturity to the hearer.

The Sermons offered on this site are with no restrictions on use. If you find something in them (all or part) that you would like to incorporate in your ministry, freely do so. I know the blessing of having sermon preparations jump started by ideas and suggestions shared with me by fellow ministers. May these do the same for you.

God Bless,
Pastor Bill

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Pastor Bill Lobbs is an ordained minister affiliated with the world wide Assembly of God organization. His theological background is coupled with over 35 years of pastoral care and counseling services. He is acutely aware of the complexities of life that can plague the human spirit making his writings and sermons inspirational, insightful and applicable to daily living.

Pastor Bill's life is best characterized by the following quote...

"His actions convey his character, integrity and convictions without ever speaking a's what you might call a silent sermon...his life exemplifies all that he professes. I don't think he realizes how much he impacts people with the consistency of his daily actions. I have yet to meet an individual who wasn't captivated with his authenticity."

You are invited to share your comments and thoughts as you sift through the material presented on this site. We hope you find something that touches your life, brings encouragement and offers new insight on the presentation of God's Word.

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