The Heart of a Child

"...Except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."  Matt. 18:3


Oh little child, Jesus observed virtues in you that we blundering adults so often miss in our daily Christian walk. As a school teacher I witnessed many of these virtues in my third grade students. Truly,"a little child shall lead us."
"I love little children - and it is not a slight thing when they, who are fresh from God, love us."  Dickens

Recently I found an article that describes with splendid accuracy some of the attributes of little children.

The joy and enthusiasm of looking forward to each new day with glorious expectations of wonderful things to come;

The vision that sees the world as a splendid place with good fairies, brave knights and glistening castles reaching toward the sky;

The radiant curiosity that finds adventure in simple things: the mystery of billowy clouds, the miracle of snowflakes, the magic of growing flowers;

The tolerance that forgets the difference, as quickly as your childish quarrels are spent; that holds no grudges, that hates never, that loves people for what they are;

The genuineness of being oneself; to be done with sham, pretense, and empty show; to be simple, natural and sincere.

The courage that rises from defeat and tries again, as you with laughing face rebuild the house of blocks that topples to the floor;

The believing heart that trusts others, knows no fear, and has faith in a Divine Father who watches over his children from the sky;

The contented, trusting mind that, at the close of day woos the blessings of childlike slumber;

Little child, we would become like you, that we may find again the kingdom of heaven within our hearts._Anon

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