A Genuine Passport

The well-known painter, Dore, was traveling in southern Europe. One one occasion when he came to a certain town he found that he had mislaid his passport. He was called upon to produce it, and failing to do so, said: "I have lost my passport, but it's all right. I am Dore the artist.

But this did not satisfy the official; "Oh! no," said he, "we have plenty of people who represent themselves as this or that great person."

Further conversation ensued, for the artist was very anxious to continue his journey, and at length the official asked Dore to prove that he was the famous artist. "Here is a pencil and paper," he exclaimed. "Now if you are Dore the artist, draw me a picture."

Taking up the challenge at once, Dore with a few masterly strokes of the pencil sketched a view of his surroundings, and by the few lines convinced the official of his powers.

"Now, I am perfectly sure of it. You are Dore. No other man could do that."

It is of little use professing with our lips that we are Christian unless we express something of the grace of Christ in our lives.

"They took knowledge of the apostles that they had been with Jesus." What led them to this judgment of the apostles? Was it their manner? Was it their tone? Was it their form of speech? Perhaps their appearance? We are not told. But something in connection with them made it manifest that they were Christ' followers.

Can those around us observe that we are in a different Kingdom? Are we imitating the works of Christ in our everyday living. Does the pencil of our lives delineate something of the Spirit's fruit? Is our passport in His Kingdom genuine?


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